Using Flexbox With CSS3.0

Flexbox Build Flexbox has became increasingly more popular as the days go by. This is probably due to the fact mobile devices are now cheaper and more available than ever. This has also caused many people to abandon older browsers. This is mostly due to how much more expensive it is to cater for older browsers. […]

Curly’s Music – We Buy Any Guitar

We Buy Any Guitar is a popular online service, that allows people to trade-in their old music equipment for cash. The plan was to take their current design and implement it into a new WordPress CMS. They were previously hacked due to the lack of regular updates on their previous CMS Drupal, so WordPress felt like a good fit. […]

Muhammad Ali Tribute 2016

This is a tribute to Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest boxers human beings to have ever walked this earth. He was born on January 17, 1942 and was unfortunately taken from us on June 3, 2016. Forever may he Rest In Piece. Music by: Kai Engel

Care2Know Umbraco

Care2Know was originally hosted on the RadioCity website, but due to some changes made, they could no longer host the website. Due to how important the information was, Liverpool City Council were asked to host the small website on their servers. I was asked if I could spin something up really quick, so we could put the website […]