Using Flexbox With CSS3.0

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Flexbox has became increasingly more popular as the days go by. This is probably due to the fact mobile devices are now cheaper and more available than ever. This has also caused many people to abandon older browsers. This is mostly due to how much more expensive it is to cater for older browsers.

I decided to learn the basics of flexbox and build a template within a few days. This gave me the chance to see how it reacts compared to the likes of Bootstrap. I found that flexbox is far more efficient for responsive layouts, as it has far fewer restrictions. Flexbox is also built into CSS3.0, so there’s no extra baggage included.

Here is my Flexbox Example.

Note: The template may seem a little unfinished. This was a learning experience, so I did not refine or optimise the template, as it’s based around flexbox.

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